Getting To Know You

Recently, I had a potential client asking for  help with some online marketing. I responded with several generalized questions about this person’s business. Almost immediately after I clicked send, a curt reply was sent back. “Forget it. Looks like you want me to do the work.” I was taken back by this reply – I […]

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engage customers instantshift

Do You Engage Your Customers Or Do Your Customers Engage You?

When meeting new clients as well as existing clients, one of my favorite things to do is perform a search on Google, Yelp, or other industry-relevant website to see what is being shown about a client’s business. John Battelle, a journalist who helped launch Wired, writes this method is like the focus group of the […]

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Increase the Amount of Memory Allocated to CrashPlan’s Backup Engine

If your CrashPlan app is prone to crashing after starting, it may be running short on allocated memory. The instructions provided by CrashPlan aren’t user friendly to those who are not tech-inclined, so I created two simple scripts. Download, run, enter your password, and done! These have been tested for OSX 10.7.5 – use at […]

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css3 ribbon

Creating A Graphical Ribbon Using CSS3 and HTML5

Combining HTML5 and CSS3  can be quite fun to play around with. The only downside is, at the time of publishing this, many people still using Internet Explorer can’t appreciate the nuances of using code versus images. In this example, a web-optimized screenshot of the graphic is 16KB. The uncompressed code is 4KB. That means […]

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WP-PageNavi and WordPress 3.3.2 Error Fix

Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /wp-content/plugins/wp-pagenavi/scb/Options.php on line 46 WP-PageNavi is a plugin which allows you to customize how your pagination is displayed – such as the older or newer post links with arrows on the bottom of this posting. If you’re using the latest version of WP-PageNavi 2.82 with […]

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Capital Business Printing & Marketing

CapitalBusinessPrinting.com Technologies used: WordPress, WooThemes API, CSS, PHP, Photoshop, mobile. Timeframe: April 2012 to current. Description of work done: Capital Business Printing needed a sleek, simple look to quickly showcase their extensive printing and marketing services, as well as convey their value and expertise to customers. A website was created to allow customers to easily […]

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Oasis Discount Saunas

OasisDiscountSaunas.com Technologies used: WordPress, WooThemes API, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Photoshop, Paypal API, WooCommerce. Timeframe: March 2012 to April 2012. Description of work done: Resign the website to better showcase the sauna selections and give website visitors the unique and healing feeling of being inside of a sauna. The backend was setup in a way to […]

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css3 ribbon pseudo elements

3D Ribbons With CSS3 and Pseudo-Elements

There is something appealing to creating visual effects without the use of images. CSS3 makes this easy to implement, but unfortunately, many of the functions leave older browsers and pre-Internet Explorer 9 high and dry. When using this code to create 3D ribbons, you’ll want to pick and choose your battles, as the implementation may […]

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meta box post

Adding Custom Fields As Meta Boxes With WooFramework

I recently encountered a scenario where a client needed to be able to paste different text and HTML onto various posts and have that text display formatted appropriately. The text and HTML needed to display next to the featured image or video, but couldn’t be done through pasting into the actual post body itself. The […]

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Colee Creative

ColeeCreative.com Technologies used: WordPress, WooThemes API, CSS, Photoshop, Google Docs API. Timeframe: February 2012 to current. Description of work done: Redesign Angie’s website and consult on more efficient and beautiful methods to establish her expertise on copy writing and branding services.

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River City Piano

RiverCityPiano.com Technologies used: WordPress, Photoshop, CSS. Timeframe: January 2011 to current. Description of work done: Develop a website which gives Robert the capabilities of easily showcasing pianos for sale or for rent, as well as inform website visitors of his other services. The scope of work included taking photos of the warehouse and pianos.

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spectrum recent older posts

Modifying the Spectrum Theme to Display Specific Categories on Recent and Older Post Sections

I encountered a scenario where I needed the WooTheme Spectrum to display a specific category on the Recent Posts section of the homepage and a second specific category on the Older Posts section of the homepage. By default, Spectrum takes all recent posts not displayed in the top slider and displays the posts in descending order by […]

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Joe Yee For City Council

JoeYeeForCityCouncil.com Technologies used: WordPress, WooThemes API, CSS, Photoshop, Paypal API. Timeframe: December 2011 to current. Description of work done: Create a website which allows Mr. Yee to coordinate community involvement, donate to his campaign, and inform citizens about his run for city council.

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Sacramento Trapper

SacramentoTrapper.com Technologies used: WordPress, CSS, Photoshop, SEO. Timeframe: January 2011 to current. Description of work done: Develop a website for the Wildlife Trapping division of Specialized Pest Control to showcase their wide variety of animal trapper services. Perform an array of search engine optimization work to ensure the website stays competitive.

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iptables terminal

Making Sure The Correct Ports Are Open For cPanel WHM and Webmail

This was written for CentOS 5.7 and WHM 11.30. While this may work on other operating environments, these are the server variables this was tested on. For whatever reason, you may find you need to have specific ports open on your CentOS server to be able to access specific aspects of cPanel through your web […]

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Anna’s Sweet Repeats & Boutique

AnnaSweetRepeats.com Technologies used: WordPress, WooThemes API, CSS, PHP, ecommerce, Paypal API, Photoshop, staging & photography. Timeframe: December 2011 to current. Description of work done: Create a new web presence, stage store for photos for use on website, setup strong homepage visuals to showcase products the store carries. Integrate an ecommerce solution for Anna to sell products […]

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Donner Rails

DonnerRails.com Technologies used: WordPress, WooThemes API, CSS, PHP, Vimeo API. Timeframe: December 2011 to current. Description of work done: Refresh old site with a new look and merge to WordPress. Showcase videos in a way for consumers to easily view trailers and purchase DVDs or Blu-ray copies.

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multiple column sort phpmyadmin

Order Multiple Columns Inside phpMyAdmin

There may come a time when you will need to display rows in your database ordered with multiple columns. Let’s say you have ColumnYear and ColumnMonth. You want to order first by ColumnYear, then by ColumnMonth in ascending order. Go to the SQL tab and enter in this query: SELECT * FROM `TableName` ORDER BY […]

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Moving A WordPress Site To A New Domain

While there are many reasons to move a WordPress site to a new domain, the one I encounter most is I am developing a site on my own server and need to move the site to the client’s server upon completion. I usually end up performing these types of migrations several times a month and […]

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Amazing Grace Estate Liquidations

AGEstateSales.com Technologies used: WordPress, WooTheme canvas, CSS, Photoshop. Timeframe: October 2011 to current. Description of work done: Create website in WordPress and customize homepage slideshow utilizing WooThemes canvas functions. Stage rooms and take photos for use on website.

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Brandi’s Mobile Spray Tans

MobileTan.me Technologies Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, SEO. Timeframe: October 2011 to current. Description of work done: Recreate logo and manage internet marketing SEO campaign. Migrate website over to the WordPress platform to allow the utilization of cutting edge technologies in expanding the customer base.

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Drupal logo

Make Additional or Multiple Administrators for Drupal 6

This guide applies for Drupal 6.x only. If this guide has helped you in any way, please leave a comment letting me know. By default, your Drupal installation only has one administrator, which is user 1. Depending on your website, you may need people with permissions to do specific tasks. This is done with Roles. Only […]

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Installing CHKROOTKIT on Your cPanel Server To Find Trojans and Rootkits

If this blog post helped you in some way, please leave a comment letting me know. Thanks! If you’ve ever tried WHM/cPanel’s Trojan Scanner, you’ll know this tool list produces way too many false positives to be useful. I’ve had it list several hundred false positives in some instances. The last thing I want to […]

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Screen shot 2011-08-10 at 1.43.19 PM

KCRA 3 Interview with Mike TeSelle

Interviewed by Mike TeSelle on KCRA 3 news about CardCash.com and the 5 ways to save.

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ssh iptables

Guide For Setting Up A Basic iptables Configuration on CentOS for cPanel

This is a guide for setting up a basic iptables configuration on CentOS. You’ll want to do this as soon as you have your server setup. Most iptables configurations already have port 22 open, but you will need to add the rest. First, you’re going to want to login to your server via ssh. You […]

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Tubeless TV

Tubelesstv.com Technologies used: PHPmotion, TinyButStrong, PHP, HTML, CSS, PhpMyAdmin, MySQL Timeframe: July 2011 to current Work done: Update site with modifications, customize theme, recover site videos.

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BA Productions

BAProductions.tv Technologies used: WordPress, Photoshop, CSS, HTML Timeframe: June 2011 to current Description of work done: Recreate website in WordPress

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Sacramento Weddings, Sacramento Wedding Planning and Resources

Wedding Pennies

WeddingPennies.com Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver Timeframe: June 2011 to current Description of work done: Website maintenance and updating listings.

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whm mx entires

cPanel Web Hosting With Godaddy E-mail

If this blog post helped you in some way, please leave a comment letting me know. Thanks! I received a special request from a client on setting up web hosting. The client wanted to use cPanel to host the website, but continue to use Godaddy for e-mail. The client has been using their Godaddy e-mail […]

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Med RX'C Medical Marijuana | Medical Marijuana Evaluations

Med RX Care Centers

MedRXCareCenters.com Technologies used: WordPress, Photoshop, PHP, CSS, HTML Timeframe: May 2011 to July 2012. Description of work done: Convert site to WordPress, update site security, SEO work, Facebook presence, AdWords campaign, customize WordPress theme.

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El Papagayo Restaurant in Carmichael, CA | El Papagayo Restuarant offers the best Mexican food in Carmichael from different regions of Mexico

El Papagayo Restaurant

ElPapagayo.net Technologies used: WordPress, CSS, PHP, HTML, Photoshop, Constant Contact Events API Timeframe: April 2011 to current Description of work done: Create website, customize WordPress theme, custom hooks for menu, photograph food items for menu, basic SEO.

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final step installation wordpress

Setup A WordPress Installation On A Subdomain With cPanel

If this blog post helped you in some way, please leave a comment letting me know. Thanks! Today we are going to walkthrough the setup and installation of a WordPress install on a subdomain using the cPanel server software. Before you begin your setup in cPanel, you’re going to want to go to http://wordpress.org and […]

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Velero Beach

Velero Beach Resort

VeleroBeach.com Technologies used: Dreamweaver templates and libraries, CSS, HTML, Photoshop, ASP Timeframe: April 2011 to current Description of work done: Add link to blog. Fix invalid links. Setup basic blog. Add CAPTCHA to form.

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css restaurant menu

Setting Up Your Restaurant Menu Using CSS

If this blog post helped you in some way, please leave a comment letting me know. Thanks! Looking at a restaurant menu, you may think it is quite easy to get the item on the left and the prices on the right. After all, in Microsoft Word, you can just hit tab a couple times […]

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dreamweaver regular expressions

Regular Expressions In Dreamweaver

When managing a website with thousands of static pages, it can be very time consuming to change information on each page one by one. Sometimes, a simple find and replace command isn’t enough, either. Luckily, with Dreamweaver, it is very easy to change text on the fly. In my latest endeavor, I was presented with […]

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Natural Organic Soap

Natural Organic Soap

Natural-Organic-Soap.com Technologies used: WordPress, Photoshop, CSS, HTML, Amazon API Timeframe: March 2011 to current Description of work done: Setup a WordPress site where products from Amazon can be easily posted with reviews and information. Custom logo, favicon, and other miscellaneous graphics.  Customize WordPress theme to showcase latest products in a variety of ways.

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