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iptables terminal

Making Sure The Correct Ports Are Open For cPanel WHM and Webmail

This was written for CentOS 5.7 and WHM 11.30. While this may work on other operating environments, these are the server variables this was tested on. For whatever reason, you may find you need to have specific ports open on your CentOS server to be able to access specific aspects of cPanel through your web […]

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multiple column sort phpmyadmin

Order Multiple Columns Inside phpMyAdmin

There may come a time when you will need to display rows in your database ordered with multiple columns. Let’s say you have ColumnYear and ColumnMonth. You want to order first by ColumnYear, then by ColumnMonth in ascending order. Go to the SQL tab and enter in this query: SELECT * FROM `TableName` ORDER BY […]

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Moving A WordPress Site To A New Domain

While there are many reasons to move a WordPress site to a new domain, the one I encounter most is I am developing a site on my own server and need to move the site to the client’s server upon completion. I usually end up performing these types of migrations several times a month and […]

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Installing CHKROOTKIT on Your cPanel Server To Find Trojans and Rootkits

If this blog post helped you in some way, please leave a comment letting me know. Thanks! If you’ve ever tried WHM/cPanel’s Trojan Scanner, you’ll know this tool list produces way too many false positives to be useful. I’ve had it list several hundred false positives in some instances. The last thing I want to […]

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ssh iptables

Guide For Setting Up A Basic iptables Configuration on CentOS for cPanel

This is a guide for setting up a basic iptables configuration on CentOS. You’ll want to do this as soon as you have your server setup. Most iptables configurations already have port 22 open, but you will need to add the rest. First, you’re going to want to login to your server via ssh. You […]

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whm mx entires

cPanel Web Hosting With Godaddy E-mail

If this blog post helped you in some way, please leave a comment letting me know. Thanks! I received a special request from a client on setting up web hosting. The client wanted to use cPanel to host the website, but continue to use Godaddy for e-mail. The client has been using their Godaddy e-mail […]

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final step installation wordpress

Setup A WordPress Installation On A Subdomain With cPanel

If this blog post helped you in some way, please leave a comment letting me know. Thanks! Today we are going to walkthrough the setup and installation of a WordPress install on a subdomain using the cPanel server software. Before you begin your setup in cPanel, you’re going to want to go to and […]

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