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css3 ribbon

Creating A Graphical Ribbon Using CSS3 and HTML5

Combining HTML5 and CSS3  can be quite fun to play around with. The only downside is, at the time of publishing this, many people still using Internet Explorer can’t appreciate the nuances of using code versus images. In this example, a web-optimized screenshot of the graphic is 16KB. The uncompressed code is 4KB. That means […]

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css3 ribbon pseudo elements

3D Ribbons With CSS3 and Pseudo-Elements

There is something appealing to creating visual effects without the use of images. CSS3 makes this easy to implement, but unfortunately, many of the functions leave older browsers and pre-Internet Explorer 9 high and dry. When using this code to create 3D ribbons, you’ll want to pick and choose your battles, as the implementation may […]

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css restaurant menu

Setting Up Your Restaurant Menu Using CSS

If this blog post helped you in some way, please leave a comment letting me know. Thanks! Looking at a restaurant menu, you may think it is quite easy to get the item on the left and the prices on the right. After all, in Microsoft Word, you can just hit tab a couple times […]

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