Backing Up Your Data Is More Important Than You Think

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If you’re like most people, you don’t think about backing up your data until disaster has already struck. Unfortunately, that’s the worst attitude to have about your important data. If your hard drive fails, your computer or laptop gets stolen, or disaster strikes, your data is lost forever. It is frightening to think of the many ways you can lose your data.

Take a moment to think about the information you have stored on your computer. You might have tax info from previous years, family photos and video, saved documents, and probably a lot more than just that.

Now, think about your cell phone. Would it matter if you dropped your phone and suddenly you lost access to all of your address book? Would that affect you?

Let’s talk about cell phones first. With the huge selection and variety of types of cell phones, each manufacturer has their own backup process or program. It is well worth your time to look on the manufacturer’s website and find out how to backup your phone. For most users, backing up your phone once a month on a regular schedule is probably the easiest way. If you are a heavy mobile phone user, you may want to setup an automated sync with your computer at home or work.

Moving onto your computer, you will find that an offsite backup is the best choice. Backing up onto a local hard drive won’t help you if your home is burglarized or if your home catches on fire. Backing up your data to a secure offsite location ensures you can always get your personal data back. Now, simply searching for an offsite backup solution is an endeavor in itself.

I have download, installed, and tried several of the top rated backup software out there. I looked for something that was easy to use for a person who is not computer savvy and is completely automated. With these requirements, I have found Mozy to be the very best solution to this. Not only is Mozy the easiest backup software to install, it also happens to be the cheapest, another important factor to many customers.

All you need to do is download Mozy from their website, install it, setup an automatic schedule, select if you want your whole computer backed up or just certain files, and let the program do the work for you. Mozy only backs up files that have changed, so once you initially backup your computer, all future backups only take a fraction of the time.

If you ever need to restore your data, Mozy makes it easy to do that as well. If getting your data is critical, Mozy can FedEx you all your data on DVDs, or you can select and download files using their online interface.

I can’t stress the importance enough of backing up your data. Mozy is easy to use and there is a good chance you can simply set it up on your own. If you can’t, drop me an e-mail for an immediate quote and to make an appointment and I can come help you setup your computer.

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