cPanel Web Hosting With Godaddy E-mail

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I received a special request from a client on setting up web hosting. The client wanted to use cPanel to host the website, but continue to use Godaddy for e-mail. The client has been using their Godaddy e-mail for a while now but didn’t have a website setup. Setting this up ended up being much easier than I anticipated.

Before setting up cPanel, make sure your Godaddy e-mail account is up and working. I have several links to documentation from both cPanel and Godaddy at the end of this post for your reference.

I first logged into my cPanel WebHost Manager and clicked on Create a New Account.

whm remote mail managerI filled in all the normal information when setting up a new account. When I reached the bottom of the page, at Mail Routing Settings, I clicked on Remote Mail Manager. Then I clicked the Create button.

After the account is created, I went to Edit MX Entry under DNS Functions. I selected the site I just created and clicked Edit.

At the next screen, I inputted the entries Godaddy gave me over the phone. I suggest calling (480-505-8877) real fast and confirming the information for your own e-mail setup. For me, I used:

whm mx entires

priority 0
priority 10

I hit save then headed over to the Godaddy account. I went to Domain Manager and updated the DNS settings to match the cPanel server.

I sent a test e-mail and it immediately worked with no downtime. If you run into trouble setting any of this up, I recommend either calling Godaddy or using the cPanel ticket system.

cPanel docs:

Godaddy docs:

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  1. Thanks May 2, 2012 at 7:45 am #

    I have a client who I set up with a new hosting account from GoDaddy. They were using Godaddy email but I advised them that they did not need to pay for email as it is provided by the host we switched to.

    Since cancelling the Godaddy email and switching over he is only receiving some emails. Emails from past clients are coming in only in the webmail through the CP but not on his desktop with Thunderbird which he relies on.

    It has become quite the mess. Any advice or assistance would be well appreciated.

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