cPanel Web Hosting With Godaddy E-mail

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I received a special request from a client on setting up web hosting. The client wanted to use cPanel to host the website, but continue to use Godaddy for e-mail. The client has been using their Godaddy e-mail for a while now but didn’t have a website setup. Setting this up ended up being much easier than I anticipated.

Before setting up cPanel, make sure your Godaddy e-mail account is up and working. I have several links to documentation from both cPanel and Godaddy at the end of this post for your reference.

I first logged into my cPanel WebHost Manager and clicked on Create a New Account.

whm remote mail managerI filled in all the normal information when setting up a new account. When I reached the bottom of the page, at Mail Routing Settings, I clicked on Remote Mail Manager. Then I clicked the Create button.

After the account is created, I went to Edit MX Entry under DNS Functions. I selected the site I just created and clicked Edit.

At the next screen, I inputted the entries Godaddy gave me over the phone. I suggest calling (480-505-8877) real fast and confirming the information for your own e-mail setup. For me, I used:

whm mx entires

priority 0
priority 10

I hit save then headed over to the Godaddy account. I went to Domain Manager and updated the DNS settings to match the cPanel server.

I sent a test e-mail and it immediately worked with no downtime. If you run into trouble setting any of this up, I recommend either calling Godaddy or using the cPanel ticket system.

cPanel docs:

Godaddy docs:

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