Make Additional or Multiple Administrators for Drupal 6

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Drupal user management

This guide applies for Drupal 6.x only. If this guide has helped you in any way, please leave a comment letting me know.

By default, your Drupal installation only has one administrator, which is user 1. Depending on your website, you may need people with permissions to do specific tasks. This is done with Roles. Only the first user, the one you created when you setu Drupal, is the only one with true administrative access. You can, however, create a new role that gives additional users all the same permissions.

Start by logging into your account and go to the /admin screen. Click on User Management, then Roles.

You will see two roles already created – “anonymous user” and “authenticated user.” There is a box to type in the name of a new role. Go ahead and type one in, then click Add Role. I used the name “admin.”

Drupal Add RolesDrupal edit role permissionsAfter your role has been created, click on the “edit permissions” links. Now comes the tedious task of checking every single box you see, then click the button at the bottom to “Save permissions.”

Please note: If you install additional modules to your Drupal setup, you’re going to need to come back to this screen and add permissions to those modules. You can create more roles as necessary to give users permissions to administrate specific modules. This can be very handy in delegating work.

Now that the role is created, you need to go to “Users” and click on “edit” next to the user you want to make into an “admin.”

Drupal user listDrupal edit user settingsNow that you’re at the user edit page, you will see a subheading titled “Roles:” with “authenticated user” already checked and greyed out, and an option to check the “admin” box. Check the “admin” box and click “Save” on the bottom of the screen.

That’s it! You now have an additional user with administrator permissions. Next time the user logins in, they will see a link to “Administer.”

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